Haplogroup R-P312

What is Paternal Haplogroup R-P312?

Haplogroup R-P312, also known as Haplogroup R-M343 (Y Chromosome Consortium long-form label), is a genealogical group of lineages defined by unique genetic markers present on the Y-chromosome. Your paternal haplogroup, or that of your father if you do not have a Y-chromosome, paints a picture of your ancient origins and the migrations of your ancestors. Although your paternal haplogroup reflects just one of your many ancestral lineages, it carries information about that lineage over tens of thousands of years.

Haplogroup R-P312 is descended from haplogroup R-M343. Among 23andMe research participants, haplogroup R-P312 is commonly found among populations in the United Kingdom.

It's important to note that your haplogroup doesn't define your current ethnic identity; rather, it provides an insight into your deep ancestry on the paternal side.

R-P312 Migration MapPaternal Haplogroup Origins R-M343

Top Surnames with Haplogroup R-P312

For surnames with sufficient representation in the data, these percentages represent the frequency with which each surname is found in individuals exhibiting this genetic marker.

Last NameFrequency